Import Demo Content

1. Download The Demo Content

├── fashion
│   ├── elementor-template.json
│   └── products.csv
├── posts
│   ├── faqs.xml
│   ├── media.xml
│   ├── posts.xml
│   └── testimonials.xml
├── posts-testimonials-faqs.xml

2. Import Products

To import demo you will need products.csv. Once you have the file, go to Tools > Import and locate WooCommerce products (CSV). Then click on Run Importer.

Run importer

Then choose the file. And click on Continue.

Choose csv file

In the next tab you don't have to change anything, all the fields should auto-map. Just click on Run Importer.

Click on run importer

Then importer will run for a few minutes and all the products should be imported.

Running importer

2. Import Posts, Testimonial and FAQs

To import demo posts, you will need posts-testimonials-faqs.xml. Once you have the file go to Tools > Import and locate WordPress. And click on Run Importer.

Then choose the file mentioned above and click on Upload file and import.

Then select the author and make sure Download and import file attachments is checked. Finally click on Submit.

After that all the content should be imported.